Visiting Lake Eymir

Lake depth is very important in determining how a lake responds to environmental pressures. Shallow lake is a lake where the water column is fully mixed and in the absence of phytoplankton growth sufficient light is able to reach the sediment surface to enable photosynthesis to occur. In that sense, shallow lakes are very important in that they provide a rich habitat for a wider variety of aquatic plants, invertebrates and fish. 
In Turkey, shallow lakes are very common. In Ankara, there are two important shallow lakes; Lake Eymir and Lake Mogan. With 10th IGCSE  students, we made a trip to Eymir. Lake Eymir occurs 20 km south of the capital city, Ankara, Turkey (39◦ 57 N, 32◦ 53 E). The lake is relatively shallow (Zmean: 3.1 m) and large (135 ha). 
The aim of that trip: 
-    To understand the importance of shallow lakes 
-    For students, to realize their environment, ecosystem and organisms inside it
-    To identify some common terms such as eutrophication, bio manipulation and habitat disturbance 
-    To realize climate change, global warming issues and how they affect the ecosystem
-    To understand the effects of meteorological changes (temperature & pressure changes, precipitation, drought) and environmental changes (salinity, alkalinity vb.) 
We took a tour around the lake. Along 2 hours, we described the characteristics of lake, biodiversity that it hosts and mentioned about studies of lake which still continue. Inputs and outputs of Lake Eymir were observed. Also, for our IB Biology project, our students made a short video around the lake. We will prepare a whole video then. 
Our trip to Lake Mogan, the other shallow lake located in Ankara, will be made in December. 

Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir Visiting Lake Eymir