Selanik High School


Jale Tezer Private Courses which open the doors of ten thousands of students in the universities serve as the Selanik  High School in accordance with the law that transforms the school buildings into books.

  • There are 18 - 20 classrooms available
  • .In our school, lessons are held 6 days a week.
  • In addition to the teaching programs determined by MEB, 'University Preparation Program' is applied.
  • Our training program begins in June with 'Summer Vacation Assignment'.
  • Homogenize our classes. The groups are based on the average of the students' test exams and the performance they have demonstrated. According to the results, groups change within the year.
  • A 7-day intensive supplement program is offered for semester breaks.
  • In addition to the MEB program, 'Preparatory Studies for University' is carried out in our school. Our program is based on the placement of each student in one of two choices.
  • Our students are carefully prepared for the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) with an intensive training program.
  • Our students are given a Monthly Homework Booklet to be checked by their teachers every month.
  • All publications to be used in the University Preparation Program are distributed to our students free of charge (Modules, Leaf Tests, Monthly Homework Books, Semester Homework Books, Question Banks etc.)
  • Students are provided with reinforcements in addition to the lessons that they are missing and are supported by individual and general question-and-answer times on questions they can not solve.

Mandatory Exams of  MEB:

  • For each course, the number of exams prepared by MEB is conducted and evaluated. The notes received by the learner are recorded in the e-school system.
  • The sum of the grades of the first and second semesters is given as a report grade.