International School


Firstly in preparation to primary school with our 6 year old groups we aim to improve and fasten our students’ fine motor skills. To teach our students the right sitting position and its importance, the ability of holding a pencil (wrist and finger exercises, sky writing, imaginary lines, visual pads and improving sense of direction activities through educational games etc.) are gained. With these studies we support student’s ergonomics of writing. We also give place to cognitive test books and worksheets. We have them do plenty of scissors holding and cutting, tearing and gluing, colouring, shaping and folding activities in our Handicrafts and Visual arts lessons. Within our projects, student’s handicrafts are supported by 2 and 3 dimensional activities. In preparing to write, we go parallel with Montessori education in phonics such as correct pencil holding, drawing straight lines, to decrease pressure on paper, hand exercises on the sand pit, the writing directions of sounds. Within these activities, in our Montessori lesson we have many other studies such as sensor materials, appealing to our five senses improving our visual, audio, tactical skills. In our practical life activities we have, zipping up zips, buttoning up buttons, tying up shoe laces etc we are supporting other lessons to improve our mathematic intelligence with mathematical materials.


Jale Tezer College is a school faithful to Ataturk’s principles and reforms. Considering our preschool student’s individual and developmental features, a Montessori integrated program which keeps renewing is in operation.
With this educational program our priority is to bring up students with high self reliance, strong communicative skills, investigators, and questioners, sensitive towards the environment. With this goal, besides our traditional education methods, we also have an educational apprehension of the reformer, idealist and modern educational techniques.


Our goal is to teach our children the awareness that the soil is our country’s most valuable treasure. Therefore, our purpose is to have them get to know soil and explain its importance in our lives.

Book and toy thrift box

Being mindful of how important role books have on child development, we, together with our primary school, put into action the book thrift box project so that books could take up a lot more space in our lives.

Our project’s aim is to;

• To comprehend that books are our best friends
• To have them gain a reading habit
• To enlarge their knowledge of vocabulary.
• To provide the ability to communicate effectively.
• Supporting students in configuring knowledge.
• To provide effective reading and understanding skills.
• To have our students improve their self – expression, oral and social skills.
• To have them become book worms.

We also contribute to the student’s analytical, effective listening, effective speaking, self-expression, creativity, cooperation, following instructions and many skills development while doing book events. As a post reading activity, we intend to collect our books in the school’s thrift box and send them to village schools. One of our biggest aims is to develop our students’ sharing and cooperating senses.


In order to develop our students’ sense of cooperating and emphasize that everyone is different from each other, and among these differences there are also people with different handicaps we started our blue cap project in October to state that these are normal things in our lives.


Our aim is to instill awareness of nature by teaching them the love for nature


When it comes to healthy eating, the parents, teachers and students of the Jale Tezer College have cooperated in starting a new project . Our students are introduced
The “healthy eating” concept is introduced to our students since their preschool years. We aim to teach them on how to take into consideration the habit of confidence and gain responsibility.
Dear parents, we shouldn’t forget that we are role models for our students with our behaviors and habits. Therefore in order to have our students gain positive behaviour about healthy eating, we need you to support and inform our students about:

• The importance of healthy eating
• That every food group should be eaten
• Daily tracking of water
• Staying away from food affecting our health negatively
• Tracking the contents and expiry date of the food


Children who are the guarantee of the future should first be aware of, love and absorb their own culture so that they can take firm steps towards the future. To form an awareness of a peaceful society is the main aim. The drama educators together with the branch and homeroom teachers approach to a common schedule under the titles of

• Peace
• Love
• Respect
• Tolerance

Which are applied all around the world.