Anatolian High School


High school is the period when the awareness and productivity of the students increase and they tend to act independently in order to approve themselves. For this reason, we free their dreams and make them reach their targets as self-realized individuals.

Success is our job because we know very well how we will succeed. In addition to the MEB's high school curriculum, with the COURSE + SCHOOL program, we train our students without the need for outside support and we move them to the best universities.

In addition to this program, it also provides students of French language education in English and French as a second foreign language to arrange the doors of world universities. Our IB-DP program also offers students the opportunity to graduate with an international diploma. Our school, which accepts discipline and individual follow-up education as the most basic principle of culture, does not include arbitrary absenteeism and rehabilitation education system.

Success is significant if you have a solid identity, a healthy mood and happiness. With this awareness we follow the social and emotional development of our students and give them individual support whenever they need them. Our students are guided by their talents and interests. We have the primary purpose of graduating as virtuous individuals whose values are ours.