Our students are from Counselling Service;

Within the scope of the Educational Guidance:

  • Family and Communication
  • Efficient Course Study Techniques,
  • Effective Use of Time,
  • Test Solution Techniques,
  • Exam (YKS, TYT - AYT) Presentations and Information,
  • Ways to Begin with Exam Awareness,
  • Motivation
  • Career plannin

greceive guidance services on their subjects.

Within the scope of Professional Guidance:

  • Realistic evaluations in line with interests and needs,
  • Self-awareness,
  • Recognition of professions,
  • Utilizing their ability to develop professional decision-making skills.
  • Benefits from university promotion days work; occupational introductions, departments, student exchange programs, campus life, dormitory-scholarship opportunities, career planning issues are informed.
  • Classroom Guidance Teacher and Class Counselor Benefits from group guidance service in teacher co-operation. The activities prepared by the school guidance teacher every week on issues such as examination anxiety, productive study techniques, success or failure factors, motivation, communication techniques, family relations, interpersonal relations, anger control, stress management and exam system, and delivered to the school guidance teacher by making evaluations.

Guidance for Parents

"Awareness about Harmful Habits", "Class and Course passing Regulations", "YKS System and Occupation Selection "are the main topics.