Modern Foreign Languages



English - French - German - Russian - Spanish - Chinese


In a developing world, learning a foreign language is a condition, not a luxury. Language is a living being. A language education that is not attended to life, away from enthusiasm and innocence remains in molds. It is important that the learner catches the courage to speak English. Our foreign language school adds learning to all stages of life and education to meet international standards.

  • Our English program is being implemented by Turkish teachers who are qualified in their branch as well as a native speaker.
  • Speaking lessons are conducted 2 hours per week in the presence of teachers with native English speakers in order to ensure that our students' accents are correct.
  • Students are divided into groups according to Placement Test results made at the beginning of the 4th grade.
  • Assessment tests, weekly and monthly assignments, quizzes and written exams prepared by the Assessment Unit are regularly offered to students.
  • Jale Tezer Educational Institutions is an institution that has received Edexcel Authorization. The BTEC program, which means "Educational Excellence" and accepted by Edexcel, the UK's largest accrediting institution in the transition to universities abroad, is an application-oriented, practical and lively educational model aimed at providing vocational qualification to students.
    • English lessons on the basis of the Edexcel program are applied in accordance with the British National Curriculum guidelines.
    • In this context, English Mathematics and English Science courses are also given.
    • This program progresses gradually until the end of the 8th grade. Our students can take the Edexcel exam in grades 3, 5 and 8 and qualify for the Assessment Report if successful. The Assessment Report applies to all schools in the UK.
  • The University of Cambridge Examinations are examinations that are administered at our school and demonstrate the success of our students not only in the school but also on international platforms.
    • With the Cambridge Young Learners language examinations, our students are entitled to test and certify themselves on an international platform each year.
  • The TOEFL exam is the highest in the world with undergraduate and graduate degrees. This exam, which is very important for the acceptance of students, especially the universities in USA and Canada, The universities in Turkey is obligatory exam preparation to jump. Our school is an application for follow-up until the transition period from the 3rd year to the university. TOEFL Junior (6th and 7th grade); The TOEFL Primary (grades 4 and 5) is taking the exam.
  • We go to countries like England, America, China every summer. We recognize world cultures and improve our foreign languages.


Each student who fulfills the IB - DP requirements qualifies for an IB diploma that is internationally valid as well as a high school diploma.


  • In addition to the intensive English program offered at our school, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and German courses are offered to our students as electives from the 4th grade.
  • The purpose of modern foreign language education given by foreign teachers; our students must graduate as judges in 2 foreign languages.
  • Modern foreign languages are supported by a lot of activities such as educational activities, theater, competition, seminar, excursion,debate groups….

The Only Confucius Chinese School Education in Turkey

Turkey, as have the privilege of being the only Confucius School, more than 5,000 books, play sets and materials filled with high-tech and is dominated by the "Special One Chinese Class" We receive training. We do not only learn Chinese. At the same time, due to the calligraphic structure of the crown, our focus is getting stronger. In all our courses, we use the positive effect of Chinese.

  • Every year we hold a "Confucius Festival" with Chinese students and artists, practicing what we learn.
  • Going to China; we attend 15-day Chinese courses in place.