A. Philosophy

1- Transcribe mission statement of the school.

Educational Philosophy

Jale Tezer Educational Institutions believe in nation building through education. Philosophy of the school combines principles of learning with the process of creativity and real life knowledge. Within this framework, the Schools follow a multidimensional curriculum that is built upon a strong foundation of intellectualism and constructivism.

Education in Jale Tezer Schools aims to foster the students’ curiosity in a wide variety of subjects so that they are able to formulate questions ,search for the answers and learn how to acquire knowledge. At Jale  Tezer Schools, educational liberty and individuality play a large role within the views of humanistic psychology.

Social responsibility and community development are fundamental in Jale Tezer Schools. We constantly  support our students to be actively involved in local and global projects, and embrace the value of language as a tool to communicate intellectual ideas to the world. As a result, the students gain confidence to face the local and global challenges while developing their future career to achieve a diversified cultural understanding of the world we live in.

Mission Statement

Through a multidimensional curriculum and a holistic approach to learning Jale Tezer Schools aim to help its students adopt learning as a natural skill. As an educational institutions, Jale Tezer Schools strive to create an educational environment in which its students become multifaceted and creative individuals who achieve academic, sportive and artistic success in various fields of endeavour. Jale Tezer Schools envision its students to have a global perspective and cultural understanding that will guide them to evaluate ideas and solve issues on a local and global scale.

  • Multidimensional Programme: In Turkey, there are several national exams that the students have to take. In order to increase their chances of achieving higher scores in these multiple choice tests, students have to after school private courses that only focus on the scopes of the exams. In Jale Tezer  Schools, we do have a different programme which integrates the required study towards national exams into the school programme with the help of our professional team and administrators. Jale Tezer Schools have a 50 hour intensive teaching programme per week (59 hours for 11th and 12th grades).In Ankara, our school is considered to be distinct owning to this multidirectional programme. We clearly know that it is not important how well a student is academically equipped unless s/he is a person who cannot express himself/herself in public and becomes an unhealthy human being away from sports and cultural events. In our school, English is the main foreign language, starting from Kindergarten and after the 4th grade French, Spanish, Chinese, German are offered to students. Within this programme, we have various club activities (academic / cultural / artistic / sportive) that the students take part in. Moreover the school teams have their trainings after school. Our school involved in various projects to develop the students’ cultural level and social understanding and perspective.
  • Holistic approach: Jale Tezer Schools prefer to look at the whole picture instead of bits and pieces. We believe that the total can be much greater than the sum of its components and isolated examination or evaluation of the components may not provide the right judgment on the whole. That’s why we follow an interdisciplinary teaching system. If our topic is Space that means space is all around our school. From art lessons to language classes, from Maths to Physics, from our school decorations to fun activities. Besides the programme, students in our school are also evaluated as a whole. A successful student is not the one who can score full points in an exam. A student has to be caring and understanding. S/he has to be aware of all the changes that take place. S/he has to have a solid educational background. We believe that our success as Jale Tezer Schools is originated from our being a whole from the minor divisions to the major ones. 
  • Multifaceted People: It is a common scene in our school to see a student’s having an exam in the morning, travelling in a school bus to a village to help a village school at noon and training in the swimming pool to get ready for the upcoming competitions after school. A class can join to a MUN(Model United Nations) meeting while another group is getting ready for Maths Olympics. This scene is the actual scene in the school. Most of our students who have a high academic level are also listed amongst the ones who are multifaceted. We believe, life itself needs multifaceted people that can take part in various platforms in any part of the world.
  • Sportive Success: As Jale Tezer Schools, we strongly believe that every student has to participate in a sportive activity. As a result, one third of the students at Jale Tezer are licensed in at least one sport branch. Our school teams participate in national and international competitions. In school premises, a  football pitch, four basketball courts,a tennis court, a volleyball court, a semi-olympic  indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a running track, a climbing wall and 2 chess rooms for students to carry on their training under the supervision of professional coaches.
  • Artistic Success: Art is the way of expressing feelings and an highly effective means of communication. Our school is like an exhibition centre. At every corner, you can see students’ personal and joint exhibitions or their rehearsals in the halls. During the year and at the end of each year, the artistic work of our students are staged at our conference hall.
  • Academic Success: Students should be able to link the previously acquired knowledge to the new ones and build a bridge to between the disciplines. They should be able to reason on the fundamental concepts and be able to understand new concepts by building links with the ones they already know. They must know how to conduct research and how to reach the critical information on their research subjects and how to use it with integrity and honesty.
  • Global and Local perspective: Jale Tezer students are educated as world citizens with a global perspective. They must be aware of local and global developments, could share ideas and have their own opinion on significant global issues. There may be still borders on earth separating nations from one another. However, these borders are on maps not in minds. There are no borders for us and on how we share the globe together. As mentioned before, Jale Tezer students are educated as world citizens. Our students strongly aware of their national values and traditions as well as international ones. They are against discrimination. They do not classify people according to their colour, race and religion. They celebrate their own national/religious days but they also paint eggs for Easter or colour t-shirts for Halloween. They follow up foreign press and are aware of the developments around the globe. We have a MUN group and our students take part in international meetings and competitions. Joint projects with schools around the world are carried on.I n this way we aim to help our students develop an international awareness and understanding.
  • Learning as a Natural Skill: Jale Tezer Schools aim to raise students who value knowledge ,skills and competence throughout life both personally, socially and professionally. Our school is aware of the fact that memorized knowledge is destined to vanish in time. We want our students to be lifelong learners. A lesson thought within class and not experienced in life or linked to real life situations doesn’t become an asset for the student. The learning environments and the curriculum must be designed accordingly. If the topic is ‘Environment and recycling’ the content of lectures, the field trips and the projects are all designed for the students to experience it in real life. Learning is not only done at school. Every changing environment is a chance for the students to experience new approaches and to stimulate them find better solutions to the problems. Our school believes in that ‘Once you start to learn and have the satisfaction of it, there is no limit to it.’
  • Humanity: As members of society we have to be respectful to each other. We have to show empathy and compassion towards the needs and feelings of others. Jale Tezer Schools aim to raise a social awareness and understanding in the students. Since its foundation, major social awareness projects have been undertaken in Jale Tezer Schools. The starting point is to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Within this scope of Social Awareness Projects our students visit village schools that are in need of cloth, shelter and school supplies and prepared bake sales to raise funding for their projects. They also visit nursing homes, schools for the disabled and children with learning disorders, addiction treatment centres and work with homeless children ,help the orphanage and take place in many other activities that help them develop a humanitarian perspective. Our schools are Eco Schools where the members of our school also care for the environment and the ones that live in it. Every year our students visit the rescue centres and try to fulfil the needs of the animals in shelters. Each year Eco School Team works on various designs projects, participate conferences and make presentations.
  • Creativity: In Jale Tezer Schools,we provide the environment to help our students develop their creative skills. We especially want to introduce creativity studies for our students at early ages when their mental developments is at its fastest pace. We want creativity to have a permanent place in their lives. The future professions awaiting today’s  students will mostly require the abilities to plan ,to inquire, to create ,to design, and to organize. The ability to create is the most critical one amongst all that separates one from the others. Creativity is a vital power that gives us the opportunity to change what is already present.
  • Evaluating Ideas and Solving Issues: Problem solving strategies are carefully integrated to our school programme to make the students get used to the terms, techniques and how they are used in various kinds of situations. Abstraction, analogy, brainstorming, divide and conquer, hypothesis testing, lateral thinking, proof ,reduction research are some of these techniques. Throughout the yearly programme, according to the topics in different disciplines, students are made to face problems and required to apply the appropriate techniques to solve the problems under the guidance of their teachers. Jale Tezer Schools believe that a person who has the ability to analyze a problem and evaluate solution ideas can be practical enough to find a viable solution and will always be a person who is professionally sought after.